JONQUIL at Wolstenholme Creative Space - Friday 18 May


Wolstenholme Creative Space Friday 18 May

everisland host Jonquil & Spring Offensive for Liverpool Sound City Festival 2012

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ll be hosting the Wolstenholme Creative Space stage on Friday 18th of May as part of Sound City Festival 2012. On the back of their sublime ‘Point of Go’ album, Oxford’s JONQUIL will be headlining the night.

Support acts include SPRING OFFENSIVE (innovative math-pop), DEAD WOLF CLUB (post-punk musketeers), BIRD (ethereal folk quintet) & INLAND SEA (symphonic folk-pop).

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JONQUIL // Rarely is such a balance between complexity and accessibility reached; Jonquil's refreshing marque of indie-pop is imbued with scuttling instrumentation and engaging vocal melodies. The pinpoint accuracy of their musicianship is only matched by their expansive song-writing skills.

SPRING OFFENSIVE // An act who find their identity through flurrying instrumentation, sutured together by heartfelt vocal melodies. Although the term ‘math’ has become bloated in recent times, the innovation with which they present their ideas respires a breath of fresh air to the genre.

DEAD WOLF CLUB // Dead Wolf Club are a London-trio who formulate electric & exciting post-punk with a dark coating. Not only do their hefty riffs accentuate their talent, but also the way with which they are presented.

BIRD // Melancholy by nature, yet inflammatory with their emotion; BIRD are a Liverpool-based, 5-piece ambient folk act that not only create music, but also soundscapes in which, with a blink of the eye, you can find yourself lost in.

INLAND SEA // Australia’s Inland Sea bring a flood of symphonic textures and couples them with pop sensibilities to fashion an brooding cut of folk-pop that is both encapsulating with its aura and alluring in its tonality.


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Friday 18 May
Wolstenholme Creative Space
8pm - 1am