MOTHLIGHT at Milk:Studios - Saturday 01 September

presents MOTHLIGHT

Milk:Studios Saturday 01 September

everisland & Milk Presents bring to you a unique installation event.

Deep within the recesses of his own mind, MOTHLIGHT depicts the vivid dream sequences of an individual whose mind unfolds reality in perplexing ways.

With specially composed performances by the likes of Isocore, Ex-Easter Island Head and Acrobat, MOTHLIGHT yearns to be a very memorable journey.

Live dreamscape accompaniment:

LABYRINTH EAR // Haunting electronica hymns from London duo

ISOCORE // Upitup Records veterans composing reactionary music according to habitat

GODWOSH // Dogshow’s entrancing doppelganger

ABSENSE // Waxxx resident DJ morphing dreamy IDM with electronica

AFTERNAUT // Absorbing electronic act who manipulates soundscapes

DEEP HEDONIA // Adventurous multi-media production group

EARL COLLECTIVE // An up-and-coming artistic collective providing engaging sights & sounds

ACROBAT // The mesmeric improvisational side-project of Sam Twidale (Sun Drums/Deep Hedonia)

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Saturday 01 September
9pm - 2am